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What is The Health Diet For Persons Living With HIV and Aids?

Good nutrition is the number one factor most considered when suffering from a viral infection. The major benefit is, it boosts the immune system with the components it provides and hence helps fight opportunistic infections. Diet is considered nutritious when a variety of nutrients has been acquired. Nutrients got through mixing various foods.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the patient is to consume a diversity of foods from the five food groups which are; fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. These kinds of foods are to be eaten in the right amount to maintain a healthy weight, therefore, preventing obesity.

It is advised for an individual to choose foods low in sodium salt. Having high sodium salt in food increases water retention in the body predisposing one to hypertension that will need to be controlled.

Foods low in saturated fats to be ingested. It helps to prevent fat deposition in tissues and blood vessels that may cause fatal effects. Foods with low sugars are of benefit to the body.

Food safety and handling are to be well done. Infected individuals are susceptible to infections and once food-borne invades, controlling and eradication becomes tough. Practice such as hand washing before handling food is of benefit.

Before a healthy diet, maintain hygiene for it is safe and frees you from infections.

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