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Distribution Of Nets In Mombasa

Following the outbreak of infectious disease known as dengue fever caused by Mosquito, public health official in Mombasa county have initiated the distribution of nets in Mombasa.

Increased cases of the fever in adult and children visiting hospitals in the sub county in Mombasa has necessitate the distribution of beta as officials report 24 dengue fever cases have been laboratory confirmed.

Dengue fever have been reported to have signs such as sudden high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes and pain in muscles and joints.

According to county Director of public health Salma Swaleh warned that the situation could worsen due to heavy rains.

Distribution of Mosquito nets has raised a lot of reaction as the public health official reported that most of the people in Mombasa County misuse the use of Mosquito nets as some people use them for fishing, covering vegetables and also using in building poultry houses.

In return some residents claimed that the mosquito nets which they are using in such activities such as covering vegetables, fishing and building poultry houses are the nets that have lost value thus making use of it by using in such activities.

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