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Ways of gaining weight without seeing a doctor

Not everyone is struggling to loose weight ,there are many people who are struggling to gain weight . Being underweight is a healthy crisis that mostly affect women and young girls. This is because when you are underweight your body muscles index is below 18.5.

Most people don't know how to differentiate someone who is skinny and someone who is skinny and someone who's is underweight. Some people are naturally skinny but healthy while there are others who look skinny but are underweight .

Being underweight is unhealthy because it can cause early death,it can impair your immune system ,can cause fertility problems and it also increases chances of getting infections.

Here are the healthy ways of gaining weight faster ;

Eat protein in plenty

The most recommended nutrient for gaining weight is protein . When a person is feeding on high protein diet ,extra calories is turned into muscle hence making a person masculine. Food rich in protein that are recommended are legumes and,fish,meat,eggs and diary products.

Eat carbohydrates and fats

Priorities fats and carbohydrates in your diet if you want to gain weight faster . Make sure you eat healthy diet and three meals per day .

Frequent exercise

Going to the gym and doing some heavy lifting helps you make good use of calories that you are consuming . By doing so ,you are improving your strength hence gaining more muscle mass.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is recommended for your health ,this because sleeping helps you relax your muscle which is important for muscle growth.

Gaining weight requires consistency because it's not easy .

If you wanna gain weight faster avoid eating plain food because it's tasteless in your tongue and eating it is it's better if you spice your food while preparing so as to add taste .well prepared food has got taste and is also appealing . The tastier the food the more you eat it . These spices include garlic , ginger, tumeric, cinnamon and the condiments like cheese and butter .

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