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Smelly Mouth Even After Brushing? This Could Be The Cause

These condition of emitting a bad smeal is also known halitosis, some people even if they try to clean up their mouths, brushing and flossing, their breath still smells badly.

The following are the causes of bad breath:

Certain illnesses

Another recognized cause of bad breathe is some illnesses such as liver disease, diabetes, and gallbladder dysfunction. The function of the gallbladder is to store unused bile produced by the liver. Therefore, it releases concentrated bile to help in the digestion of fats in the small intestines. However, its dysfunction causes a lot of pain during digestion which is accompanied by bloating or production of gasses which causes a person to produce frequent bad breaths even after brushing.

Certain foods and beverages

Sometimes, some of the foods that people ingest have a direct relationship with the halitosis. For instance use of some ingredients such as garlic and onions also cause some sort of stinking breaths. Also, beverages like coffee are known to cause brown stains on the teeth and in addition this causes the mouth to give an awful smell due to the residue that sticks to the gums and the teeth.


The studies show that some allergies such as sinus congestion and post nasal drip are a serious cause of a foul breath. This is due to their congestion which makes it difficult for a person to breath through the nose forcing them to use their mouths in breathing, this leads to the accumulation of bacteria due to dry mouth hence resulting to a bad breath.

Post nasal drip also causes excessive mucus to collect in the nose and throat. Therefore, on the process of constant nasal drip, the mucus is left on the back of the tongue which leads to a foul scent even after brushing if great attention is not paid in brushing the tongue thoroughly.

Poor brushing

Method of brushing, type of toothbrush and toothpaste also can be contributing factors of bad breaths and therefore they should be selected wisely. During brushing its advisable to use warm water and pay attention to the tongue, gums and lastly teeth. Rinse thoroughly using cold water.

However, dealing with halitosis is relatively not easy if the above causes are not well dealt with. It's therefore advisable for a person involved to seek a medical assistance if the condition is persistent. This is because bad breath can be an indication of an underlying serious infection.

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