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Ferment Your Garlic And Treat This Mutiple Infections

Have you experienced infections that you cant get rid off even after medication? I got you.

When it comes to infections it is sometimes embarassing especially around your pubic areas.But beyond taking medication there are other natural ways of treating them.

Lets talk about Garlic.

Garlic is used as a food spice and it is also good in cleaning of the blood.Through its anti oxidants it boosts the immunity and helps fight with diseases and infections.Yeast infections and STIs are the mostly cured.

How to ferment.


10 heads of garlic.

3 cups of water.

11/2 tb spoon of salt.


Peel the garlics and put them in a jar with a lid.Make a salt solution and add to the garlics untill they are fully covered.Lid tighten the jar and put it in a room temperature.

Open the jar once in a day for co2 to escape continue the process for 3 weeks.Then refrigerate and it ready for consumption.

This gets rid of all infections.

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