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How to Properly Handle a Face Masks

It is very important to wear mask correctly, to reduce the risk of being in contact with the virus droplet. The appropriate surgical mask should have three layers of synthetic material, with various level of fluid resistance and filtration.

Masking reduce community exposure to covid, can protect you and work best for you if both you and the one next to you is on it.

Mask should be worn when you're in crowded places like busy market, bus stops or crowded streets where sometimes it's difficult to be one meter from the other.

It's very important to clean hands before and after using mask, and if possible surgical mask should only be used once and clothing mask be washed properly. If mask are not exchanged regularly, pathogens can accumulate in the mask and the risk of spreading pathogen including the corona virus might be high.

Breathing dampens the mask, if there is excessive moisture, mask become airtight losing their protective effect. Therefore, air will be inhaled and exhaled unfiltered.

Mask should also be disposed properly. According to world health organization (WHO), used mask should be discarded in the "correct" rubbish bin immediately after use and not reusing them. Used mask should also be treated like any other potentially contaminated material and handled professionally using right protective equipments.

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