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6 Simple But Weird Habits That Will Make You Live Longer Than You Expect

1. Take sun baths

We all know sunlight is a very rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps fight depression which is a cause of many diseases and also a remedy of illnesses like diabetes. According to research, a sun bath for atleast an hour a day is very important to the body and reduces the risk of getting diseases like cancer by 67%.

2. Eat more tomatoes

Tomatoes contain and an antioxidant that is called lycophene that is of great benefit to the body. This antioxidant is the one that even gives tomatoes its red color and apart from that, it will help reduce the risk of being attacked by cardiovascular illnesses. Including tomatoes in your everyday diet is the best solution when it comes to helping you live longer.

3. Eat bred crusts

This may actually sound weird but it's actually beneficial to your health. Most people Don like eating the crust of the bread but scientists actually have proved that it is the most healthy part. According to experts the crust of the bread contains antioxidants that helps to fight cancer cells especially cancer of the colon. These antioxidants are found more in the crust of the bread that even the bread itself and that is why it is very healthy.

4. Avoid cigarettes

Of you want to live longer and healthier, try your best to avoid cigarettes at whatever cost. We are all aware of the fact that inhaling smoke from cigarette is dangerous for our lungs and not only that but also touching a cigarette can be more harmful. Tobacco contains radioactive elements That stay in them right from the time they are grown and even when processed. This radioactive elements include lead, polonium and radium and they are extremely dangerous for our health.

5. Dance at every opportunity

Are you aware that dancing alone can help you increase your life spun. This was actually proven by researchers from France who found out that dancing not only strengthens the bins but also improves the blood system. Good and frequent dancers are rarely attacked by diseases like asthma and lung diseases and that is why you should learn how to dance.

6. Ignore other people's opinions about you

As you live in this world, one thing that begins to make sense is the fact that, you will never please everyone in this life and not everyone will like you for who you are. People will always have their opinion about you and you may never change the people's perception of you.

When we are controlled by the opinion of others about us, we are less likely to achieve much in life and that definitely affects our health. Being controlled by the opinion of others will restrain you and cause you to be nervous almost all the times which is definitely not healthy. You will never be happy in life and we all know that happiness is the secret to living a long life.

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