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Best Self-care Tips For A Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

Self-care is the individual practice of health management without the aid of a medical professional.

It is something that when you do it, you wake up the next morning feeling better.

Self-care is about allowing yourself to have a nurturing experience of life right now as opposed to when you work harder in the future.

It is very important for one to practice self-care starting from your mind, body and soul.

It is all about self-care as most people call it “some me time”.

Here are some of the best self-care tips for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Get enough sleep.

Make sleep a part of your self-care routine.

Not getting enough sleep may cause some health problems.

Sleep can have a huge effect on how you feel both emotionally and physically.

It is medically to have at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

Sleep can help reduce stress which is good for your body, mind and soul.

Exercise daily

Daily exercise is important for your self-care routine as it can help you both psychically and emotionally by boosting your mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

Daily exercise will help you lose weight too and keep fit.

Some of the daily exercises include yoga that helps in many ways like relaxing your mind; you can also take up walking, running and other exercises that are best fit for you.

Own a pet.

Pets are very good and beneficial for self-care.

A pet will always give you undivided attention, unconditional love and give you company.

Medical research shows that pets especially dogs can help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety and can also lower blood pressure.

Get a pet for yourself!

Read a book more often.

Most people these days have turned to social media and are always on their on their phones almost all the time.

It is not healthy to be always glued on your screen and it can sometimes leave you feeling lonely.

Read a book and you’ll see a big difference.

Books will help you stay in the present and expound your mind and become more mindful.

Books will also help boost your mood.

It also boosts empathy.

Daydream when you can.

Daydreaming is linked to intelligence and mental health.

Sometimes it may seem embarrassing but letting your mind wander is a good self-care tip and you should not feel guilty about it.

Have time for friends.

You should make time for friends.

Having friends is good for your emotional growth and social life too.

Friends will motivate you, inform you and help you grow.

Having no close friends is a risk factor of anxiety and depression.


Meditation is a good self-care tip for your mind and soul.

It can help reduce stress and also manage anxiety.

It is beneficial to your mental health too.

Change the way you make decisions.

If you got so used to one way of making decisions change that.

Get used to making decisions in different ways don’t just rely on your head or heart.

If you make decisions based on your head, try changing that by using your heart and vice versa.

Use other routes while going somewhere.

May it be going to work school or to the store and you have been using the same route all the time, change that.

Mixing up your routine in small ways creates new neutral pathways in the brain to keep it healthy.

Eat healthy.

Take a balanced diet.

It is important for a healthy body, mind and soul too.

Eating healthy is a great self-care tip.

Take quick naps.

Taking a nap is not being lazy.

Take a quick nap from 10-20 minutes.

It helps in relaxing your body and mind too.

Help someone.

Even if it is something as small as helping someone pick something up, try helping someone.

It not only leaves you feeling accomplished but also makes you feel good about yourself.

Helping someone without expecting anything in return is the best,

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