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Why Some People Are Experiencing Some Side Effects After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

Since Covid-19 pandemic erupted, different scientists have been working hard to develop a viable and efficient vaccine that will protect people. Because of that, there are vaccines that have already been developed and are being used in different countries a good example being here in Kenya.

Many have been speaking more about the side effects they have been experiencing after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. This is why a good explanation should be given why that is happening and that is the reason I have decided to construct this important article.

In the process making a vaccine, tiny fragments of the disease-causing organism and other ingredients to keep the vaccine safe and effective are added. Some of the common substances used in creating a vaccine are an antigen, preservatives, stabilizers, surfactants, residuals, diluents and adjuvants.

When a vaccine made using a disease-causing organism in it's inactive form is injected into the body of a person, the body may trigger an immune response to show it's effectiveness. This may in turn lead to some side effects which should not worry anyone at all because they show that the body is developing immune mechanisms against the disease.

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