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5 Medical Examinations Every Dating Persons Must undergo For Before Marriage.

Before you consider walking down the aisle with the love of your life, there are medical tests that a couple should take. There are medical facts about your partner that you must know as it may affect your well being and that of your prospective children.

This article lists five medical tests that every couple must undergo before they consider moving in.

1. Blood group

Evading this tests leads to a serious disease known as hemolytic disease of the newborn that causes stillbirths and miscarriages.

2. HIV Test

The number one notorious sexually transmitted disease causing thousands to millions of deaths yearly. Every couple should check for its presence in each other.

3. Fertility test index

Should be done to ascertain the fertility of both parties instead of waiting for two or more years of unsuccessful convincing, mistrust and in-fights between couples. Hormonal and ovulation tests should be carried out on the man and woman respectively.

4. Genotype

Gene tests help to identify whether a person or both of you are sickle cell carriers (AS), sicklers (SS) or normal (AA). Marriage counselors have been on the forefront to advocate for couples to take this examination.

5. STD test

Sounds weird, hah! Looks like this article is going overboard but that’s the reality. Infections like syphilis if left untreated can grow out of hand and lead to infertility causing strains in the family.

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