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The enigma of sleep paralysis and how to control it.

Sleep paralysis is like a waking nightmare,a feeling of being conscious but unable to move.It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep . The reason why sleep paralysis is so scary is not just because you will suddenly become alert but realize that you are ,in fact unable to move a muscle or utter a sound,but also because this experience is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations,a second presence,or intruder hallucinations ,in which the person feels the presence of an evil,threatening individual or the person might feel someone or something pressing down uncomfortably,even painfully on their chestor abdomen or trying to choke try to scream ,but nothing comes may sound like a horror movie scene,but this is the real deal and you are experiencing sleep is quite normal to experience sleep paralysis and up to as many as four out of every 10 people may have sleep paralysis.This terrifying and mysterious sleep disorder,has been experienced by people possibly since the dawn of human kind.

How to control sleep paralysis

1. Learning meditation and muscle relaxation techniques.

This may help you to better cope with the experience . persisting in the attempt "to move extemeties", such as fingers or toes,during sleep paralysis also seems to help disrupt the experience.

2. Keep track of medications you take for any conditions.

Know the side effects and interactions of your different medications so you can avoid potential side effects , including sleep paralysis.

3.sleep on your side and avoid sleeping on your back.

sleeping on your back causes sleep by sleeping on your side while help lessen sleep paralysis.

3. Reduce stress in your life.

You should avoid things that stress you in can also sign into counseling,therapy sessions and if you have a mental health condition,such as anxiety or depression ,taking an antidepressant may diminish sleep paralysis.

4. Get sufficient rest.

By getting sufficient help it will help in dimininshing sleep paralysis.

5. Maintain a regular sleep schedule.

By maintaining a regular sleep schedule that is sticking to a good bedtime routine and also by avoiding blue light prior to sleep,ensuring the room temperature is kept low.

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