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The President Issues Another Lockdown

Following the surge in corona virus infections as a result of the third wave, the president has today issued guidelines as containment measures. He has issued a containment of movement in and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan due to increase in infection rates in Nairobi county and its neighboring counties.

In his words, he issued commands that further containment measures would be put in place to do away with the surge in infections countrywide. The president also advised Kenyans to come out to receive vaccinations for free from governmental health centers.

He further ordered the closure of churches all over the country once again claiming that massive congregation has largely contributed into a nationwide surge in infections. This has raised issues since market places and bars tend to be busier and more congregated than churches who in several instances observe the containment measures.

He further advised citizens to try and have their face masks on every time they walk in public.

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