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If Your Child Is HIV Positive Then This Is The Extent He/She Can Live If You Don't Medicate Them

Your body is composed of many cells; but the HIV/ AIDS cells are stronger than the CD4 cells. Nobody is safer and cannot get HIV/AIDS at all ages. It attacks children and adults mercilessly. Therefore, it is good we try our level best to prevent the disease from further spread.

If you have already contracted the disease, stay positively please. Do not go ahead losing hope. I have seen many make it out of the disease since I was born until now and they are still alive. That is very normal; what about small children having this disease? Remember their immunity is weak; but it is less effective if you follow the right procedures. Therefore, go for a doctor and be guided how your child should continue living with the virus under medical conditions. Remember you are most probably the one who affected your child with the infection. It is better therefore you take the right medical procedures.

What if you fail to take your child to medication? How long is the child expected to live? It is only for Gods sake; but why should you not take the right routes for your child to push on? I am sorry for the ones who were accidentally infected with the disease and later their parents died! These ones are always covered with Jesus blood. You may wonder how they manage life but it is working for them.

If you are alive and your HIV positive child still exists but you are not ready for medical conditions, then expect to lose your child earlier. Most of them don't make it at the age of 5 years. Therefore,parents and guardians,I really request you to take responsibility of taking care of your children property. They can as well stay more than 50 years if you become serious from the word GO by visiting doctors. Be informed the Virus is not the end of life. No please; make them realize their dreams too.

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