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How long can an HIV positive person live without having symptoms

The Human Immune Virus is one of the most feared illnesses, with some people viewing it as a death sentence. Although it is not a death sentence, the stigma and the reality that it is a life-long sickness send the majority of people's emotions into overdrive.

However, are you aware that it is one of the sexually transmitted infections that is asymptomatic? This is why many refer to HIV as an infection that does not manifest itself on the carriers' faces. A person may test positive for this virus and go unnoticed, but how long can the illness go unnoticed?In this post, we'll examine how long a person can continue without symptoms after catching the virus. Simply sit back and take in this content while you learn something new.

How Long Can A Virus Remain Unnoticed In A Person's Body?

According to medical research, HIV can remain undetected or asymptomatic for an extended period of time. This is referred to as the clinical latency phase, and it can extend for up to ten years in some people. However, it is critical to remember that while HIV is in its latency period, the carrier can still infect more people, and the virus continues to destroy antibodies and the body's defense mechanisms during this time.

When the virus progresses beyond this stage, which can last between five and ten years, it develops into AIDs. By that time, the body's ability to fight infections and viruses has been completely damaged, and as a result, opportunistic diseases can now infiltrate the body, inflicting harm and even death if proper care is not taken. As a result, individuals are generally advised to undergo HIV testing regardless of whether they exhibit any symptoms.

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Source:  Planned Parenthood

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