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Morning Message; MOH Will Start Forcing Patients with Underlying Conditions to take Covid-19 Jabs

Covid-19 infections.

Covid-19 is a deadly disease which have caused millions of people around the world to live in fear. Furthermore, some countries are recording high positive cases while others are recording low positive cases.

Many nations have been rushing to vaccinate as many people as possible to end this terrible pandemic.

According to the source, Ministry of health have broke the silence and revealed that, some patients will be forced to take Covid-19 jabs in different hospitals in the country. It has been reported that, people who are suffering underlying illness such as cancer, obesity, heart disease will be forced to take Covid-19 after visiting clinics.

This comes in after some people have refused to go for Covid-19 vaccines in the country.

Furthermore, the country have received more Covid-19. Like yesterday, our country received more than 500,000 vaccines. These are good news to all Kenyans because many are waiting for the second dose.

Remember to take these vaccines as soon as possible because they are effective and approved by WHO.

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