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What It Means When You Wake Up Between 3 To 5a.m

If you often wake up between 3 to 5 am, it might be as a result of snoring your daily miserable out or being haunted by hatred issues. It has been shown that self-hatred is what causes this problem at large.

It is at this time that your body experiences the lowest temperature and everything must rest in a deep sleep. Frequently waking up at this time, may be so worrying and things might be so tricky.

Before I begin, you must understand that between 3 and 4 am, is a dangerous hour of the night and it's called the witching hour. This may make you experience strange or mysterious energies and hence, the awakening.

It is at this time that the meridian of the lungs is activated and is mostly considered the magical one because it is related highly to a sense of emancipation.

Also, it is at this hour that one might be under evil attack or just experiencing anxiety that leads to this trouble.

It is also that between this hour, the liver meridian is activated. This might mean that you are currently suffering from liver-related diseases, stomach, sexually related problems, or arthritis.

To curb this problem, you need meditation, love, and peace in your heart. You may also curb this by engaging your body through exercises during the day or before going to sleep. It can also be prevented by proper grounding which is vital in fortifying your defense system. Again, you can call upon the blessing of the archangel Michael to fight for you.

Many of us wake between 5 to 7 am. This is the time where one prepares himself or herself for a brand new day that's full of responsibilities, struggles, and adventure at large. However, some of us wake up a few hours later after this time.

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