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The Powerful Health Benefits Of Goat Milk

Goat milk is the second most commonly consumed animal dairy after cow milk.It is estimated that 65% to 72% of all dairy consumed globally is goat milk.

Goat Milk tends to be thicker as compared to cow milk or plant milk such as soy,oat and almond milk.

Goat milk:

•Is easier to digest

•Has a less risk of milk allergies

•Promotes better heart health

The amazing health benefits of goat milk :-

Powerhouse Of Nutrients

Goat milk is such an excellent source of calcium,protein,potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

It is also an excellent source of vitamin A assist in reducing your risk of cataracts,certain forms of cancer and even assists children in fighting off measles.

High In Digestible Protein

Compared to cow milk and plant milk,goat milk is higher in protein.The protein contained in goat milk is more digestible;which means that your body can easily use it.

Has A Less Risk Of Milk Allergies

People who tend to be allergic to cow milk may notice that goat milk does not rigger their allergies.Studies conducted found that one in four babies who were allergic to cow milk were not allergic to goat milk.

Manages The Cholesterol Levels

Goat milk assists in reducing the cholesterol levels in people with high blood pressure.Studies conducted have found that goat milk assists in reducing the cholesterol in the fall bladder and in the arteries.This makes goat milk good for people with high cholesterol levels.

Rich In Calcium

Goat milk is rich in calcium;which is vital for the development and maintenance of the teeth and bones,supports the normal functioning of the muscles and normal blood clotting.Goat milk also assists the body in producing energy.Three 200ml servings of goat's milk provides 100% of an adult's daily calcium need.

Potential Risks

Goat Milk is not really a perfect beverage.It contains certain qualities that could make it a worse option than plant or cow milk for certain people.

They are amazing goat dairy products in supermarkets such as Naivas,Quickmart,Carrefour and Chandarana.These are:-

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Powerhouse Of Nutrients


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