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Coronavirus Cure: Pfzer Makes A Big Move in Fight Against Covid and Ending the Pandemic

Coronavirus has greatly impacted lives of Many People Globally especially How they relate with each other. The pandemic Led to lock Downs and People working From home hence reducing social interactions

Scientists have worked day and Night to Find Prevention against the pandemic. So far they've managed to produce vaccines that will help immunise Front line workers and vulnerable groups

On positive Note , American Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer has began human trials for drug that could treat COVID-19. If their efforts Turns Fruitful then it will be milestone in fighting the virus

This comes as Ministry of health has sound alarm as Kenyans defy COVID-19 protocols despite rising new infections. Government warning that situation could get worse in coming weeks.

Personal responsibility is vital in flattening the curve and return of Normalcy

Interfaith council warns institutions to strictly enforce COVID-19 protocols. Some places of worship have relaxed hand washing and distancing

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