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All Vaccinated Citizens Should Continue Following All Current Guidance To Protect Themselves

The ministey of healtj is aurging all kenyan citizens who have been vaccinated by the astrazeneca vacvine to continue observing all the covid-19 protocols. Before the vaccine was generated in the world, people have been living under those corona virus requirements. They have also contributed much in controlling the spread of the virus.

The guidences includes washing hands regularly, wearing face masks and keeping social distance. We thank God that from the statistics, many kenyans have turn up to be vaccinated simething that we expect to bring a positive rare in in terms of infection.

The government is again asking all knenyans that have not been vaccinated, to go and receive the vaccine since it is for free and it will help in improving their immunity. This will contribute largely in the control of the virus.

Covid-19 has actually claimed the lives of many people in the world, the virus has affected everything in the country starting with the economy, education sector and other areas resulting into very diffficult living style.

Am also urging every person going through this information that let us accept the vaccine and get it in large numbers so that we support the government in fighting of this virus. Let us continue adhering to the protocols of corona so that the virus is managed and the country is opened. Like, comment and also remember to share.

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