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Type of Vegetables to Reduce Eating to Live Longer

Though spinach is among the healthiest of vegetables with a powerful nutritional profile, consuming it in excess may lead to some serious health issues. Hence, Consuming it moderately is key to good health.

For instance, consuming vegetables in large quantities may lead or cause kidney stones. Research shows that a hundred grams of spinach contains 970 milligrams of oxalates which are compounds that can form stones in the human system if consumed in excess.

However, the oxalates in spinach may also hinder the absorption of minerals like calcium. Spinach contains both oxalates and calcium, and consuming it in large amounts may impair the absorption of calcium in your system.The oxalates can also react with iron and inhibit its absorption by forming crystals

Blood thinners are usually given to prevent the onset of stroke. Since Spinach contains high levels of vitamin K and A minerals, if taken in large quantities can reduces the effectiveness of blood thinners.

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