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Not Again; Gov't Forced to Apologize After Reporting Wrong Covid-19 Numbers Again

The ministry of health has been put once again on the spot for misinforming the public on the Covid-19 pandemic. On Thursday, July 22, 2021 MoH released latest data showing the number of infections, recoveries, deaths and the current infection rate in the country through their social media platforms.

However, the number of recoveries did not match with the patients reported on their statement. According to the statement, 293 patients were reported to have recovered with 322 from home-based care while 159 were from various health centres.

Mathematically, the statement was wrong as the number of patients was less than the number of patients who were reported to have recovered.

“293 patients have recovered with 322 are from the Home-Based Isolation & Care Program while 159 from various health facilities,” MoH statement.

The error led to Kenyans online castigating the ministry for offering cooked numbers once again. The ministry had to apologize and change their statement to the correct numbers.

“CLARIFICATION Today 481 patients have recovered 322 from home based and isolation care while 159 are from various health facilities. Total recoveries remain the same. We regret the error,” MOH Statement.

This comes exactly two week ago a similar error was experienced. The government was shamed by Kilifi county for giving out false information on the condition of the cases in the county prompting the government to apologize.

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