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Sad Story of a Cancer Survivor Who Will Never Yawn Or Chew Food for the Rest of Her Life [Video]

In an interview with Tuko-Kenya, a lady by the name Teresia Njeri narrated how her life completely changed because of cancer.

She said that she woke up one fine morning with pain at the back of her neck thinking it was because of a bad sleeping position. She took painkillers but the pain didn't go away, so she decided to visit a doctor.

At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a migrain. She was injected and given some medicine to swallow but as days went by, the pain persisted. What made her panic and go to a different hospital for further medication was the fact that a strange liquid started coming out of her nose.

Her blood pressure was high and the doctor told her to go to German Medical Centre for scanning. Njeri was later informed that she had a chronic sinusal polyps and then referred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

At the KNH she went for biopsy and diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma. She had to undergo surgery that left her without an upper jaw and a hole at the upper part of her mouth.

She was told to buy a device called a mesh and six screws to replace the lost jaw and they all cost her around Ksh500k. She also bought a palatal obturator to help with the talking and now she cannot do without it.

The surgery changed her life because she cannot shout, yawn or chew solid foods. She only takes liquids and blended foods and any time she feels like yawning she takes deep breaths to make it go away. Her mouth cannot open widely no matter how much she tries.

She is still undergoing medication and chemotherapy that are very expensive and sometime brings unbearable pain in her body.

Njeri advised people to treat cancer patients with a lot of care and love because they go through a lot of physical and emotional pain. She also asked any one who could offer her a job to help her pay medical bills and take care of her class seven daughter.

She is a single mum who was lucky to have a close relative who took her in during sickness, cared for her and loved her unconditionally.

Watch her whole story by clicking on the link below.

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