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Plants and Foods That Treat HIV and Aids

Plants that Treat HIV/Aids

HIV/AID is a contagious condition of the body that has led to a total increase in mortality amongst all groups and classes of people. It kills both the rich and the poor, the elderly and children, male and female. To be more specific, HIV in full is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This means that when one has this virus in their bodies, the immune system of the body becomes very weak. They are therefore prone to any disease or infection. 

If HIV is not treated, it leads to AIDS. AIDS in full is referred to as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Any infected or affected person must equip themselves with knowledge on HIV to maintain their health and the health of those close to them. This can also prevent further transmission of the disease. 

When HIV is not treated for some time, it kills CD4 cells known as T cells. Once a lot of immune cells are killed, the body becomes weak and prone to acquiring various diseases and cancers. An infected person that is not treated is likely to die after three years as it is the life expectancy of an untreated individual. 

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen, breast milk and vaginal and rectal fluids. The disease is lifelong since it goes directly into the DNA of cells. At the moment, there is no cure at all. Besides, if HIV is well managed, the infected person is bound to live longer and normal just like that person who is not infected. 

There are very different way of treating HIV including using antiretroviral therapy, some supplements, plants and foods. 

Many people have been wondering how HIV can be treated naturally without having to take medicine. The good news is that there are several ways through which this can be done. Below are plant and foods that can treat HIV and boost one immune system very well. 

Plants and Food that Cure HIV and Aids


Garlic is also believed to treat HIV. Garlic has very many health benefits as discussed. It is an antioxidant which protects the body from destroying free radical molecules. Secondly, it deal with inflammation, protect the body from fungi and bacteria, keeps the heart’s function great and lastly boosts one’s immunity. Garlic too helps deals with thrush herpes, infection of the throat and diarrhoea. 

Note that you cannot use garlic together with antiretroviral tablets as the lower the functionality.  


Many people love the colouring in turmeric. They can use turmeric when preparing different types of foods. This yellow pigment is medicine for many diseases inclusive of HIV/Aids. It is an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer. These properties make turmeric a good medicine. 


This is a type of spice that we love most. The smell is crazy and just on point. Lover of coriander will never cook food without it. This spice increases one’ appetite and also lowers flatulent. 


Ginger is a very good spice that can be used in nearly all types of foods and beverage including tea. Ginger is very helpful to the body of a HIV patient as it improves digestion, give one energy, deals with diarrhoea, give one appetite and above all treat flu, cold and nausea.  


Cinnamon treats colds and good to use when one is feeling cold. It also strengthen the weak body during and after a cold or flu. It helps during diarrhoea and deals with nausea and brings about appetite too. Cinnamon too work on bowl movement as it stimulates juices used in the digestive system.  


Eucalyptus is a type of tree that grows into a big tree used as timber. It is very expensive to plant and maintain one. The back, leaves and roots of this tree are very medicinal. They are used as an antibacterial. This is good for the lungs especially during bronchitis. The oil made from leaves of this tree are used to increase the flow of blood. It also reduces inflammation.   

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa )

Marijuana is a very good cure for HIV. When a patient is on antiretroviral medication, their bodies tend to react negatively. Some of these medications can upset the stomach making it hard to keep up with the required medication a prescribed by the doctor. Marijuana helps in easing this pain. In addition to that, nausea I controlled and one’s appetite increased.  

Lemon and lemon grass

Lemon is the fruit itself. It helps in digestion. It is also antibacterial. Lemon grass on the other hand is the tree’s back, leaves and roots. They help in digestion and deals with stress. It calms the body too. 

HIV and AIDs therefore is curable. Not only must you just concentrate on when you get from the hospital but also what you get from your garden. The only thing you should note is that, you must seek medical attention as well as you engage the plants mentioned here. HIV does not kill, unless one wants to die of it. 

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