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Why Waking Up At 4:30 AM Will Set You Free.

1. Time for exercise

Exercising in the morning can be crucial to your day as it gives you a huge adrenaline boost. Getting a workout in before work, also helps you get rid of that sleepy feeling and allows you to set a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

2. Getting ahead

Early morning hours tend to be the most productive time of day because you get uninterrupted time to yourself. This gives you the time to accomplish tasks faster as you don’t face distractions. Use this time to catch up on previous work or to get ahead.

3. Feel better

Early risers tend to have more energy than those who sleep in… this is because even though they may sleep less, their sleep is of higher quality. This causes growth hormones, tissue repair, and regeneration to be released during those deeper stages of sleep.

4. Peace

If you have a busy home life, then waking up 1 or 2 hours earlier than normal will give you some well-needed alone time. Even if you’re not doing anything totally productive, waking up early gives you some time to prepare for the hectic day ahead.

5. It keeps you disciplined

People often say that they can be productive at night, which is true.. But sticking to an early morning routine practices discipline. The task itself never gets easier, you simply become stronger.

6. Reduce stress

By waking up early, you can minimize stress by finishing work without any pressure. There’s also no need to rush to places since there’s little traffic to make you late, so you can take your time.

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