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Easy Ways To Gauge If Someone is Mentally ill.

Mental health is very important at every stage of life, from childhood, adolescents and adulthood. Mental health basically includes, emotional, psychological and social well-being, which affects how we feel, react and think. It's also determine how we relate to others , handle stress and make healthy choices.

The following are early and easy Ways to gauge if someone is mentally unstable.

1. Long - lasting sadness or irritability, if someone doesn't shows a happy face for a long period, he or she must be mentally unstable.

2. Avoiding people , when someone starts to withdraw himself from his friends or stays alone , might be a key sign to know that he his mentally unstable.

3. Drastic changes in eating and sleeping habits, if someone losses apitite or even changes it's sleeping habits might also be a key sign to know he his mentally ill

Extremely high and low moods, excessive fear or anxiety, difficulties in concentration and feeling of hopelessness.

The above key early signs aids someone to know if someone is mentally unstable or I'll and it's advisable to visit a mental expert for counseling.

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