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Morning message: Bad news to all Kenyans after new report emerged about covid-19.

Covid-19 is more of the most dangerous epidemic that has come to this world. Initially, there were some dangerous diseases like HIV AIDS, the Spanish flu, Ebola, and cholera. all the above diseases possess fewer risks when compared to the Coronavirus because the covid19 virus can cause breathing difficulty and no one can survive without breathing in and breathing out. the patient who suffering from this deadly virus needs oxygen. Like what happened in India many died due to lack of oxygen in the hospitals.

some of its signs are; coughing, sneezing, fever, and breathing problem. The virus has drastically affected the economy of the world and it accelerated the economic downturn. It has also affected the poor and vulnerable people all over the world. The infection in Kenya has increased by 313 new cases and 7034 samples were tested. The positivity rate for the covid19 virus has increased From 4.2 to 4.5 and this rate clearly shows that the pandemic is still at its peak and everyone who puts on their masks, wash their hands and uses sanitizers.

The minister of health further announced that there are 13 more deaths this has totaled the number of deaths. 5008. CS Kagwa further stated that 498 more patients have recovered from the virus. As of Monday, a 3409017 number of vaccines have been administrated all over the country. Out of this total, the first doses were 2543876 while the second doses were 865141.

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