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Keep Fit and Healthy Even as You Grow Older and Older

Fitness is always timeless such that you should not quit physical activities with an excuse of being older. At every age step, it makes a very big difference in how you feel and move as it assists you whittle down your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. You have heard it over time and again that physical activities are always good, you should aim to make them a part of your routine.


There are numerous studies that prove the important thealth benefits associated with exercise and often become important as you age. Regular physical activities and exercise for the seniors helps improve mental and physical health both of which assist them maintain their independence and stability as they age. Without regular exercise, people over the age of 50 years can experience a range of health problems including, high blood pressure, reduced muscle mass, increased body fats level, reduced bone strength, reduced joint flexibility and mobility, reduced coordination and balance, mood disorders and being prone to numerous diseases among others. There are several excuses that some make towards doing exercise for example, Some claim to be too old to exercise not knowing that not moving is much dangerous and can even speed up the aging process.


Inactive people are twice more likely to develop heart diseases. If you haven't exercised for a long period of time begin slowly with a low impact aerobic activities that raises your heart rate. Exercising at this age doesn't have to mean creating or making a new sport, it can simply be mere stretching, push ups or even the past physical activities you enjoyed doing at your young and active life e.g playing soccer, volley ball, tennis among others.



Some are in fear of getting hurt, you should always work with a professional to guide you on the exact/appropriate things to do and on how to stay safe. The more you get physically fit you become less prone to injuries therefore, it is advisable to practice doing things like yoga or even tai-chi to help you avoid falls in everyday life, so with strength training which you can perform with hand held weights,machines at gym or even your own body weight. (Push up and lunges)


Some claim to already have weakened hearts.


Exercise when done on regular basis, helps in strengthening your heart instead of putting it at risk. It is never a must to partake overstraining activities like marathon, you can just take it as simple as brisk walking or running which are enough to help in your blood circulation, cholesterol levels and also brightening up your mood.


Some compare their speed when younger and their current state which is very wrong, work focusing in the present time, work at your own pace and time and gain still. You don't have to run as fast as you used to do in your active stage.

Some also claim of lack of people for company. You should connect with people who have the same interest, you can even start alone while connecting with people who enjoy the same activity.

These are some of the numerous impacts of exercises to the seniors;

Gaining and maintaining muscle mass - The amount and size of muscle mass reduces with increase in age and the most commonly affected muscle fibres are those of the 'Fast switch' variety which are always responsible for governing strength and speed. Muscle mass can increase in the older people after regularly exercising for a relatively long period of time.

Maintaining the density and strength of your bones- It has been proven that the density of human bones starts depreciating at the age of 40 years and accelerates at the age of 50 years. Due to this, the aged are always prone to bone fractures therefore exercising helps reducing the risk of bone loss and Osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises help to keep the bones strong and healthy.

Keeping the heart and lungs healthy- Moderately intense exercise is most favourable in keeping heart and lungs stable, studies show that Cardiorespiratory fitness takes longer to achieve at an elderly age than the younger ones but the physical benefits are similar and both are able to achievr it through regular exercise.

Keeping strong joints- All human joints require regular training/exercise to keep stable and strong.

Moderating body fat levels- Keeping a lot of body fats results to attraction of many diseases such as Cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Doing body exercises regularly burns kilojoules increasing muscle mass and metabolism. All together the physiological changes helps the elderly maintain an appropriate weight for their height and build.

People with chronic illnesses

Some people have chronic related Illnesses like severe arthritis, osteoporosis that limit their choice of physical activities. Under this circumstance, it is wise to consult any healthcare professionals for advice. Pre-exercise screening helps in identifying people with medical conditions that may put them into risk of experiencing a heath condition/problem during physical activity.


For any questions,suggestions or extra information feel free to contact me.

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