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Don’t Burn This Plant, Instead, Use it to Treat the Following Diseases

Mexican marigold is commonly referred to as Nanjaka in luhya dialect and its species name is Tegetes lucida. The plant grows in warm temperate countries and is commonly referred to as an agricultural weed in western part of Kenya. Mexican marigold is used as a medicine and a herb.

Medical uses of Mexican marigold

The plant is used as a diuretic, hypertensive, and sedative stimulant.

The plant is dried and ground into fine powder which is applied on the skin to treat scorpion bites. Tea made of Mexican marigold powder is also helpful when an individual is bitten by a scorpion.

Mexican marigold makes use of natural misfortunes such as that when an individual is struck by lightning. Mexican marigold extracts are useful in helping them recover.

Latin American has found the plant useful in treating gastrointestinal disorders.

Mexicans have used the plant to cure abdominal pains as well as relieving hangover symptoms.

Consuming the plant by lactating mothers is of great importance. The plant promotes lactation.

Research has confirmed that Mexican marigold can treat nausea, hiccups, sore eyes, malaria, and indigestion.

The plants leaves ate dried and ground into fine powder and then used to season delicacies such as salad, fish, and sausages.

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