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Health benefits of including maize corn in your diet, either cooked, roasted or popped

Corn/ maize has natural different taste when boiled and when roasted. It is enriched with powerful nutrients such as phytochemicals which helps in prevention of chronic diseases.

Below are it's health benefits that you may have not known;

Helps prevent cancer

Corn is filled with carotenoid antioxidants which fights free radicals cells and also protects the eye and skin from oxidative damage thus preventing cancer. According to study it's recommended to consume cooked corn because it contains more antioxidants compared to non cooked.

Prevents anemia

Corn maize is enriched with iron required by the body especially in women, this is because they lose alot of blood during menstruation. Corn consumption helps in production of new red blood cells and iron required by their body hence limiting chances of getting anemia.

Prevents constipation

Both roasted, boiled or popped corn are rich in fibre which helps lower amount of cholesterol in the body hence making digestive system efficient thus preventing constipation and other digestive tract problems.

Source of energy

Maize is found in the category of energy giving foods because it contain high amount of carbohydrates which helps provide energy to the body and mind. Maize takes time to be fully digested hence keeping your stomach full for a longer period of time.

Healthy eyes

Maize is enriched with carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which are beneficial to overall eye's health according to the study.

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