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Men: These Drugs Can Make You Infertile

What to Know About Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)

Drug usage; whether legally prescribed or illegally obtained can have a major negative impact on male fertility.The range of these particular medications is broad ranging from legal to illicit.These are:-


Steroids are often misused medicines that are used to increase muscle growth or reduce body fat.

Athletes are increasingly using these medicines for their fitness goals.Studies have found that steroids affect male fertility in the same manner as testosterone does; by interfering with the hormone signals.

The amount of harm done is dependant on the medicines, the dose and the length of time a man takes them.


Research done has discovered that having many beers weekly might reduce testosterone synthesis thus increasing the speed at which testosterone is removed from the bloodstream and increasing a man's oestrogen levels.All of these can lead to a major drop in the testosterone levels.


The use of tobacco use has been linked to major health problems according to studies done.Babies who are born by a mother who smokes are far more likely to have major respiratory disorders such severe pneumonia, asthma and recurrent ear infections.Smoking has an adverse effect on men when it comes to their testosterone levels.


According to research done, THC; which is a chemical found in marijuana has been found to reduce the testosterone levels .THC potentially has a direct negative impact on the male body therefore resulting in male infertility.Marijuana also has a significant chance of other diseases such as cancer of the kidney and bladder.

Opiates (Narcotics)

Opiates are drugs that are prescribed to treat pain and addiction.Studies have found that long-term opiates use can affect the signals that govern the synthesis of testosterone synthesis thus resulting in low testosterone m.The severity of the harm is determined by the type of opiates taken, the dose and the length of time they were used.

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