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Some Of The Most Effective Methods Of Dealing With Diarrhea At Home

Diarrhea is usually defined as having three or more loose and watery stools in a day

Diarrhea is very unpleasant and if left untreated,could be greatly dangerous.When you have diarrhea,your body tends to lose vital electrolytes;which are essential minerals that are found in the tissues,urine,blood and other bodily fluids.

Electrolytes are usually very important as they work in balancing the amount of water in your body as well as the pH level and also in moving nutrients and waste in and out of cells.

Some of the most effective ways of dealing with diarrhea at home:-

Drinking Plenty Of Fluids

A good rule of thumb is to drink at least one cup of liquid each time you have loose bowel movements.Good choices of fluids are:- water,fruit juices,soups and broths that are salty.Salt helps in slowing down the loss of fluid and sugar helps the body to absorb the salt.

Consuming Liquids At Room Temperature

To be able to ease diarrhea symptoms,it is advisable to avoid consuming beverages at extreme temperatures.Beverages that are either too hot or too cold are not advisable as they can cause diarrhea.

Avoiding Caffeine Or Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol is not good if you have diarrhea as it could greatly irritate the digestive tract and worsen the diarrhea.

Eating Bland Foods

A good diet for treating diarrhea is having bland foods which work replacing lost nutrients and firming the stools.Examples are :- Boiled potatoes,cooked carrots ,bananas,rice and toasted bread.

Eating Small Meals

Eating too much food at once stimulates the Gastro Intestinal tract to move more and could worsen the diarrhea.

Instead,it is advisable to eat five to six small meals rather than large ones.This will give the intestines a chance to digest the food more easily.

Avoiding Fruits And Vegetables That Cause Gas

Consuming certain foods when you are experiencing diarrhea causes an increase in intestinal gas.

It is advisable to avoid fruits and vegetables such as peas,beans,broccoli,berries,corn and green leafy vegetables when you are experiencing diarrhea.

Eating When Hungry

When you have diarrhea ,listen to your body and do not force yourself to eat because forced eating could worsen the symptoms.Trust your body to tell you when and how much it can tolerate.

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