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Do You Drink Water Immediately Before Or After A Meal? Here Is The Right Answer

Is it good to drink water after eating or in between your meals? Now, when you drink water after eating, it weakens the digestive strength. Water is acts as a coolant, it will dilute the gastric juice which is directing opposite to the digestive strength of the body. Drinking water before meals will cause weakness and emaciation as well.

On the other hand, drinking water immediately after having your food affects the quality of your food as well as the digestive strength of the body. Water adds a coolant effect to it and practicing it regularly may make you suffer from obensity.

Drinking water during a meal moistens the food you eat and helps break down the food into fine and smaller particles. This explains why it is ideal and healthy to have water in between your meal. However, this does not mean you should drink a glass full of water to quench thirst. Instead, try sipping a minimal amount of water during your meals.

Drinking a lot of water while eating will make you eat less amount of food because your stomach will be full of water. Also, make sure the water you drink is at the room temperature as very cold water will make digestive enzymes inactive which leads to accumulation of toxic waste in the body. This also results in toxic ailments such as acid reflux or hiatus hermia. Also, avoid consuming drinks or beverages like coffee or tea while having your food. In conclusion, it is now very clear that drinking water immediately after having a meal is not advisable. Wait for half an hour or so and then drink it. After 1 or 2 hours, drink as much water as possible as digestion process will be over. Thank you for reading. Leave any inquiries on the comments section.

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