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Good reasons you should opt to consume lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable that is quite eaten by many because of its healthy benefits it offers to's rich in fiber,low calories, various vitamins like vitamin c,k,A and E.

In today's article I'm going to write about reasons why you should opt to eat lettuce.

1 by eating lettuce especially romaine lettuce can help you to reduce or control high blood pressure naturally.

2 eating lettuce can help you lose weight because it's rich in extremely low calories.its also rich in fiber and water which both are known to keep you satiated for a very long time and hence preventing you from over eating.

3 eating lettuce especially the romaine lettuce can help with inflammation because it's rich in vitamin c, A and k.also these nutrients have the anti inflammatory properties.

4 eating lettuce can help you to have a proper digestion and help with bloating because they are rich in fiber.

5 dark green vegetable like lettuce have aburdant fiber, folate and carotenoids.Nutrients that may help to protect against cancer of the mouth,skin, stomach and lungs.

6 eating red leaf lettuce are full with vitamin A which plays a major role in retinal health.

7 lettuce especially the romaine lettuce has high level of potassium which can help to maintain cardiovascular also have antioxidant that help to prevent cholesterol from building up and forming the plaque in the arteries.

8 lettuce is a great source of vitamin k which play a role in strengthening bones.Moreover eating foods rich in vitamin k can help to prevent the risk of suffering from bone fracture.

9 lettuce contain a substance called lactucarium which sedates the nervous system and hence promoting one to also contains a substance which induced one to sleep and relax.

10 lettuce contain vitamin c and E which both play a major role in keeping the skin healthy and also helps in giving the skin a protective layer that saves it from the damages caused by the harmful rays of the sun.

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