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Reasons Why Some People Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night

Wrong sleeping position

There are various sleeping position and some are not good for our body. When we sleep in a bad position, it may cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Signals such as backache, headache, neck pain and heartburn may be as a result of bad sleeping position. In addition, your mattress should not be too hard or even soft, always make sure you sleep in a comfortable position. 

Environmental noise

It is very hard to get some sleep at night when there is a lot of noise in the neighborhood. This affects people who live in a big city because of noises from cars, people, alarms, trains and other things. If you experience this most of the times then you should consider buying earplugs which you should change or clean on a regular basis. If the noises are coming from your neighbors, you should talk to the person in charge or sound proof the walls. 

Restless legs syndrome

This condition makes one wake up night with a very strong feeling of moving their legs. It can make one feel itchy, crawling or a creeping sensation. To handle this situation you should consider doing some exercise, taking a warm bath or even massaging your legs before sleeping. If this doesn't fix, try changing your sleep pattern like sleeping during the day. 

Wrong room temperature

Too cold and too hot temperatures will definitely affect your sleep. In fact it will be very hard to fall asleep, if you constantly wake up in the middle if the night because you are either too hot or too cold; the problem might be the temperature of the room. Try taking a warm bath before sleeping; this will make the body lower the temperature, taking a cold one will raise your body temperature. 

Spending time online

At night most people are free and they will use this time to check their phones, watch a movie or even chat. The light from the screen prevents our body from producing the sleep hormone called melatonin. Minimize your screen time at night or stop using them 2 hours before going to sleep. 

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