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The Only Body Part That Never Grows From Birth Untill Death

At some point in your life, someone has probably shared with you a little nugget of wisdom about how our nose and our ears never stop growing.

You might then look around and see a bunch of senior citizens and notice that, in-fact, their facial appearance is slightly larger than their younger counterparts and believe this fact to be true…but is it?

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Which body part never grows after birth?

The only part of the human body which does not grow in size from birth to death is the innermost ear ossicle.

The ossicle is 3 mm is size when a person is born. As a person grows or develops, this ossicle does not grow in size.

However, thinning of the ossicles has been heard of. In fact, it is the thinning of the stapes or the malfunction of the stapes that result in ear problems and deafness.  

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