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COVID 19 vaccines updates; The administration of 2,143,100 vaccines in the priority groups in Kenya.

The outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic changed the global health system. Developd and powerful countries started to focus more on research of the origin and nature of the virus. The virus is believed to have been originated from China although the main origin of the virus is still a doubt because it is suspected to have leaked from the laboratory. Developd states focused more on finding the vaccines to counter the rapid spread of the virus globally.

Finally the vaccines for COVID 19 were discovered by several countries such as the United States of America, Denmark, Russia and Germany. Kenya also embraced the use of vaccines and since then more vaccinations have been arriving in the country.

The uptake of the vaccines in the country have been hampered by the unwillingness of the people to receive the vaccines. As it stands now, 2,143,100 vaccines have been received in the country out of which 1,741,581 vaccines have been administered. In addition to that, 1,071,297 first doses have been administered and 670,284 second doses have been administered.

The uptake of the second dose among those who received their first dose is at 62.6% with majority being males at 55%, while females are at 45. The proportion of adults fully vaccinated is 2.46% . The uptake of the second dose by priority groups is as follows; aged 58 years and above, 206,894, others 195,687, health workers, 116,723, teachers, 97,375 while security officers are at 53,605.

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