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One Of The Reason Most Kenyans Could Be Suffering From Backbone Damage.

The wrong and correct sleeping postures as advised by experts.

Bad sleeping posture is not the only thing that is damaging many Kenyans' backbone, but is part of the larger problem affecting many countrymen.

As many people may not be aware of different causes of their backbone pains, the diagram above illustrates how they can correct their sleeping habits, so as to avoid the worst cases of back injuries.

But another huge problem affecting many Kenyans is the quality of their mattresses. This is largely blamed on those responsible of ensuring only quality mattresses reach the market.

But due to the failure of the responsible agencies, many Kenyans find themselves suffering the consequences of bad or poor quality assessed mattresses as this goes a long way in damaging their spinal cord.

So before you buy any mattress in the country, be keen to check on the companies logo, and look for the quality assurance, before you regret later when you will be needing the doctors help daily.

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