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Reactions After A Hospital Gives This Scary Statement To A Gospel Musician

Karangu Muraya is among the most famous musicians we have in Kenya. He sings gospel sings and he is also a corporate master of ceremony.

He has been doing fundraisers on Facebook anytime he meets someone in need of his help. For example, if he meets someone that needs financial help and he can't afford, he usually go live on his Facebook page and request people to assist. He has assisted so many people through such forums.

He happened to assist a grandmother, Jane Wanjiru was was admitted at Nakuru Nursing home. She had a bill that had accumulated to 1.2 millions. The hospital had taken her title deed and they were threatening to sell her land if he wasn't able to pay the bill. Karangu did his usual thing and people contributed.

After clearing the bill, he went there to ask for the title deed because they had no more debts. The hospital told him that the title deed had been misplaced. He went online yestarday and told people to tag this hospital because he felt they were joking with him.

"Nakuru nursing home!!!Can someone tag them hatutaki mchezo!!!tunataka title deed ya cucu Jane wanjiru !!!!!" He posted yesterday on his Facebook page.

Today, the hospital gave a letter to him. The letter stated that the bill was cleared but they misplaced the title deed. This letter wasn't taken lightly by kenyans. Most of them felt that the hospital did something fishy or they are planning to.

"We should not take that report lightly,maybe its just an excuse before they resolve the fishy game on their side...wawekwe baridi wakue on their many title deeds have dissapeared in that hospital if it were to be investigated....wasipatiwe muda wowote," one person commented.

Others felt that such a statement coming from such an institution is scaring. He felt that such a vital document can not get lost because everyone keeps their title deed in a place that they know it is safe, a so should such an institution.

"This is the craziest and most scariest statement such an institution can give. In the first place, the title deed stood for the patients uncleared bill. So it stood for cash so to say. What then happens with the storage of such vital documents in such circumstances? Don't they have an answerable officer or member of staff? This is nonsense and recklessness of the highest order and non of their crap should be taken for an answer. Furthermore, when Karangu took over this gentleman's case and it started to trend like bushfire, am sure these guys knew what was happening and they had enough time to put their house in order. Why then did they receive the money when they knew well the document they held hostage instead was missing? Watoe title ya shosh," added another person.

"Those are just writings and they want you to shut up and wait. Please don't because surely how can they replace such a document take a serious action kindly."

"No don't accept,this should be a filed case by now who knows maybe someone took a loan with the said tittle then later find shushu's land being actioned or even sold? demand for the original title and nothing more ...I wish you knew before paying the balance you could have witheld the cash untill they provide the title."

More comments kept coming and others said that this institution should be investigated. They could be planing to exploit Jane because she is an old woman who can't help herself.

"How did they misplace the title and the bill was intact? Bro take a legal action as soon as possible they have to give the original title back.# Rudisha title."

"Karangu Muraya don't take this lightly, atlist now we know why they were threatining Shosho Jane. They know what they are doing and they never expect Shosho Jane will have strong back up.Am from Nakuru na biashara inaendelea na mashamba na plot za watu is very sad," added another person.

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