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7 Healthy Foods That Will Help You Live Longer

The food you eat [amount and quality] is one of the most essential variables that affects your overall health. I suggest quantity and quality because you must eat a well-balanced diet in the appropriate proportions. Malnutrition can occur if you don't consume enough high-quality food, while obesity and other health problems can occur if you eat too much.

Now that I've proven that the meals you eat affect your mental, physical, and other aspects of your health, I should also inform you that eating the improper foods reduces your longevity. Unhealthy foods make you sick or have a negative impact on your system, reducing your lifespan. There are nutrients, however, that can assist refill your entire body and maintain you in good physical shape, including:

1. Coffee: Antioxidants in coffee help to fight disease-causing harmful radicals created from sugar, which is why it is so beneficial in avoiding heart disease. Antioxidants also help to prevent catastrophic illnesses such as stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

2. Garlic: Garlic has over ten chemicals that are cancer-fighting. Dialyl sulphide is one of the components that breaks down cancerous cells.

3. Olive oil: Unlike other oils that contain fats and oils that cause us to gain weight, olive oil provides healthy mono saturated fats. Olive oil helps to lower the risk of stroke and heart disease, both of which are frequent in the elderly.

4. Green tea: you've probably seen a lot of green tea commercials; it improves cardiovascular health, lowers bodily cholesterol, and strengthens our immune system.

5. Oily Fish: Japanese people consume a lot of oily fish, and they have the highest life expectancy. The fish is high in important vitamins and is healthy for your heart.

6. Dark Chocolate: Because of how healthy dark chocolate is for the heart, it has been suggested by experts all over the world.

7. Vibrantly colored fruits and veggies: We all know how beneficial fruits and vegetables are to our bodies and how they can help us live longer.

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