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Mental health

Mental health issues, problems and solutions

Mental health- it includes our emotional, psychology, social and physical well being. It affects how we feel, act and think. It helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, make decisions and choices.

Mental problems are very common but help is available. These problems lead to mental illness such as:-

1. Anxiety disorder.

2. Anger.

3. Depression.

4. Loneliness.

5. Eating problems.

But atleast there are solutions and they help prevent and cure the illness.

1. Accept yourself-who you are and boost yourself esteem, believe in you.

2. Talk about your feelings-to someone you know, trust and can help.

3. Be active-avoid idleness as it causes overthinking and leads to depression.

4. Eat well and keep fit- take a balanced diet, eat fruits and drink plenty water.

5. Take a break and do what you love- give yourself some time off and do your hobby.

6 . Care about others- they maybe going through a lot but have no one to share with.

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