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Right Types of Food to Eat to Live Strong and Healthy

Food is any substance eaten or drank in order to maintain good health. For good health and proper functioning of your body, you should eat different types of food. The food in your body helps in providing enough energy which is needed for working and playing. It also builds the various parts of the body.Food repairs parts which may have been damaged by disease or injury. It therefore helps you to stay alive and maintain good health. The food nutrients which the body requires include: Carbohydrates which are energy giving foods, Proteins which are body building foods, Vitamins as protective foods,Fats and oils which provide energy as well and not forgetting mineral salts which supply the body with the necessary chemicals for good health and proper growth. You may wonder as to what are these Carbohydrates?They include food such as maize,millet,wheat arrowroots,sweet potatoes,green bananas and cassava.It also include sugarcane table sugar honey, fruits and glucose. Make an effort of including any of the above foods in your diet. Many people do not differentiate between Fats and oils. Fats are in solid form whereas oil is in liquid. There are two types of Fats, vegetable Fats and animal Fats. Sources of animal Fats include butter cheese and bacon. Vegetable Fats on the other hand include: margarine, coconuts,groundnuts, cashew nuts,avocadoes salads and cooking Fats. Cooking oils are obtained from plants such as Simsim,, 🌻 sonflower and corn. Animals such as fish produce oil known as cod liver oil. The other very important food nutrient is the Proteins. They are also referred to as repair foods. They are responsible for growth and repair of our body muscles. The main sources include:beef, mutton,fish, chicken,locust, pork,termites, eggs,peas,beans, coconuts and milk. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of Vitamins which are required by our bodies. They are often classified as vitamin A,B,C,and D. Vitamin A is found in foods such as milk,liver, 🐟 fish and dark green vegetables. Vitamin B is found in foods such as whole cereal grains like maize,millet and wheat. Parts of animal meat like the liver and the kidney also contain vitamin B. Many fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. Some of the most common include: 🍊 oranges ,guavas, pawpaw's, pineapples and tomatoes. Eggs and milk provide us with vitamin D. When 🌞 sunlight comes into contact with our skin, vitamin D is produced. My advise is ,when time and weather allows, enjoy basking in the sun. Mineral salts are other important food components required by our bodies in smaller quantities. Examples are calcium phosphorus and iron. Every mineral salts protect our body against a particular disease or ailment. They are mainly found in dark green vegetables and in proteins like meat and milk. When preparing your meals,include a food substance from the above mentioned food groups.When you do that,your meal becomes balanced. Finally do not forget to drink enough water everyday. Our bodies require at least eight classes of clean drinking water.

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