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4 heart attack signs that women always ignore

Heart attack kills 5% more women than breast cancer.symptoms of hear attack may not be as noticeable in women as they are in men.


Stress can release a hormone cortisol which can damage to your heart and body.high amounts of stress can cause your nlood pressure to rise upping the risk of hypertension.


If you are feeling so tired try give yourself a break and take a day to rest but if still feel tired after resting and taking a day for yourself then its likely to be fatigue.

3.Trouble sleeping

Loosing sleep can be very harmful, sleep helps restore our minds and bodies but if you wake up at night because of an ache that doesn't go away can be an early sign of heart attack.

4.Chest discomfort of indigestion

Mild chest pains can often be mistaken for indigestion, it could feel like a burning sensation in the upper area of the abdomen but if the feeling persist check your doctor

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