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Bad News For Tanzania

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli played down the effects of the dangerous virus. He said he was not going to lockdown his country and people should go on their business. He advised his people to continue going to places of worship to pray to God to save them from this virus. His directives were in complete contravention from those issued by world Health Organization (WHO), such as social distancing.

Many compared president John Pombe Magufuli to the leader of Maji Maji rebellion Kinjikitile Ngwale. Kinjikitile told his people that he had special water that if they apply it on their bodies it will protect them against gunfire from the colonialists. At the end many Tanzanians were killed as the water did not save them.

It is surprising that a modern day leader like Dr. John Magufuli can mislead his people. He recently surprised many by announcing samples from pawpaw and goat tested positive for Corona virus. He has been accused of muzzling the media not to show the correct situation in the country which is reported to be dire. New cases and deaths are reported to be high and their health care system is getting overwhelmed.

This was further confirmed by an Alert issued by United States Embassy in Tanzania accusing the government of hiding the figures. It also noted the country is about to get overwhelmed by the virus. US citizens were warned against unnecessary movement. Below is the alert.

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