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5 Things To do to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath has been a major struggle to most of the people. Bad breath also called halitosis, can be embarrassing and in some cases may even cause anxiety.

There is no exact cause of halitosis but scientists link it with certain foods, health conditions and habits among other causes. However dentists claim that bad breath can be eradicated by proper hygiene. The following tips will help you do away with bad breath for good.

1. Drink water regularly. Drinking a lot of water will help stay hydrated thus increasing saliva production. Increased saliva production improves your breath as it contains antifungal antibacterial properties which hinder fermentation in the mouth.

2. Avoid sugary foods. Foods rich in glucose creates an environment where bacteria can grow carry out fermentation whose products have unpleasant smell.

3. Clean your tongue thoroughly. Food substances that stick in surface of the tongue provides a thriving environment for anaerobic bacteria whose activity causes bleeding of gums, inflammation result into stinky unpleasant sulphuric byproducts.

4. Frequently eat vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain minerals, acids and other nutrients which act against anaerobic bacteria in the mouth.

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