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Mps shed tears as KMPDU strike notice expires 7th December.

Three days since the doctors gave their strike notice, the doctors had their chance to take their protests to the parliament.

"No PPEs, no treatment " was the statement of the day from the doctors union when they gave their 21 day strike notice to expire on 7th December.

Dr. Mwachonda on an interview on punchline blamed the Cabinet secretary for declining the union's need for a meeting on the issue of health safety.

Some MPs got emotional and broke into tears as the doctors narrated their ordeals in the covid-19 fight. James Nyikal, Sarah korere and Joyce Emaniker all shed tears.

Doctors have been protesting over the lack of a comprehensive health insurance. Lack of PPEs and medical protective equipments is another major reason for the set strike.

Dr mwachonda gave a scene where a doctor died before being moved to Nairobi from moi teaching and referral hospital for lack of an ICU bed. So far more than 30 health workers have succumbed to the disease in their line of work.

The corona virus, the rooming doctors strike, fall of the universal health care among many things show a struggling health care.

This is even as the corona virus numbers rose by 957 new infections to stand at 72,686 total infections. 11 people have succumbed to the disease bring the total fatalities to 1,313.

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