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Covid Cases are Increasing, Hospitalizations and Fatalities are Decreasing.

The death toll and hospitalizations from the Covid-19 sickness in Kenya have been decreasing for many weeks, despite daily coronavirus rates of infection reaching record levels. Kenya has seen 18 deaths in the first three weeks of December, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, compared to 111 deaths in the same time in October when the nation relaxed its night curfew.

There were an average of 198 hospital admissions per day in December compared to 739 in October, which is an all-time low for Covid-19-related hospitalizations. Since the first Covid-19 case was reported in March of last year, the number of hospitalizations and fatalities has been on the decline, leading worries that further limitations may be imposed to control the epidemic.

On Monday, the percentage of positive tests jumped to 29.6 percent, before falling down to 27.8% on Tuesday, as the Omicron variation spread. Many governments have imposed limitations on the Omicron type of coronavirus as a result of an increase in worldwide infections.

There have been a few notable exceptions to this, including the rise in cases and the infectious variety. As a result of greater testing, changes in the age of those infected and better treatment for the sickest patients, fewer persons who test positive for Covid-19 get extremely ill and even fewer fatalities from the illness.

Comment from Medical Professionals

Medical experts have asked the State to put on hold any further limitations since the number of fatalities and hospitalizations has not kept pace with the increase in cases.

Githinji Gitahi, CEO of Amref Health Africa International, told Business Daily on Tuesday that there is no proof that Omicron is more deadly than the other variations and that the government could just increase immunizations and adherence to health standards.

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