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8 aspiring good deeds that made us proud of humanity

We all need one another in this world, it feels amazing reading articles and news on how humans are helping each other overcome the challenges present in the world. Humanity is not lost because everyone is caring for one another in the ways possible, for example in the streets. Check this list of people who did something good for humanity.

A world champion boxer built 1,000 homes for poor Filipinos

After winning his first million as a professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao used a portion of his earning to construct homes for the poor families in his home town of Tango. Manny was once an ordinary boy living in dirt poor family in the Philippines. Despite this, he grew up to become the first fighter to win the world titles in eight different weight division. Because of him, 1,000 families have secure living spaces.

A Danish woman rescued a two year old Nigerian boy, abandoned by parents

Anja Ringgren Loven found this one year old boy abandoned by his family because they believed he was a witch. Anja took care of the baby, gave him food and took him to her orphanage she had opened together with her husband. They had managed to have 34 other children and too k care of them, when she posted the photo of the boy before and after people from all over the world came along and contributed not less than $1 million. She is planning to open another orphanage and a hospital to help people.

A runner sacrifices her chance of a medal in order to help an injured athlete.

Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand accidentally bumped into US runner Abbey D’Agostino during the women 5,000 meter race. Abbey got injure and Nikki helped her up and they were both running together supporting each other, despite being the last one to cross the finish line, they were awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for showing generosity and got a chance to the finals

Thousands of people supported a girl when no one showed up to her birthday

18 years old Hallee Sorenson with autism was received more than 10,000 cards, letters and parcels from people all over the world after her cousin shared a photo of Hilee on face book asking people to send birthday with warm wish because it was Hailee’s birthday. Hailee had invited her friends but no one turned up.

Neighbors repaired the house of a poor elderly teacher for free

Adam and Kristin spent the whole summer getting Anne’s house in order. Anne had no one to help her repair her house after the city officials had written a letter to her saying, she would be charged $3,000 per day if she did not make repairs to the home. One fine day she came and found her neighbors repairing her house. Just look how nice this house looks today

I acknowledge everyone who is doing the right thing making earth a better place to live. Thank you!

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