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You Health Matters A Lot

Wake up one morning feeling awful: sever headache, nausea, back pain. Just a normal type of life for those with different health issues....(God forbid). We take our health for granted until one day, it comes back at us like some messed up karma. Being health is a choice, yes, but what other options do you have? You either stay healthy or you stay healthy. There is no one crazy enough to be at peace with poor health, both the "able" and the "strugglers" have that in common. Ever heard a cliche statement that "Most people are just a sickness away from bankruptcy?" Of course you have, that's how serious a health condition can impact your life negatively.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, quite a commendable number enrolled in gym classes, took time to try nature walks and morning runs, which was quite impressive. The problem is it didn't last as was expected. People something pick up trends and make them part of their daily lives, not this case though. If it can take a whole pandemic to raise awareness about people's health status, then I guess we are not as concerned about it as we tend to pretend we do. The morning jogs were rampant in the highend estates, mainly because some people reasoned that, "My movement from one place to another entails walking, a lot. Why bother with morning runs and walks." Sincerely it may seem quite absurd doing what you do daily and claim is a form of excersice just because you have worn sport gears.

Keeping fit, comes in handy in evading the manifestation of health complications that sometimes poses as life threatening if they are assumed. Would you rather spare some time to excersise and stay fit or stay bedridden accumulating hospital bills with health complications you would have easily evaded? Like I said earlier, most people are just a sickness away from bankruptcy. Be different, stay healthy, stay safe.

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