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"Back Dimples" What Causes Them And What They Mean

Back dimples are indentations on the lower back side. The indentations occur at the joint where the pelvis joins the spine. These lower back dimples are created by a short ligament which attaches the superior iliac spine - the outside edge the iliac bone and the skin.

The back dimples are also referred to as the "dimples of Venus"- an informal name but generally accepted by the medical community. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty because these dimples are often associated with beauty in women. They're not common in males. These precious depression cannot be made even though exercise since there is no muscle in that region to tone.They can just be made more by losing weight.

In general, dimples are thought to be genetically passed, but there has never been a concrete evidence to support this. Scientists are not sure what genes are linked to dimples since there's has not been more research on this topic. However, the little evidence suggests that dimples may be a dominant genetic trait.

There exist many myths about these back dimples in relation to sex life, For instance, some people say that women witb back dimples can orgasm more easily because they’re a sign of good circulation in the pelvic region. Some claim that women with these can orgasm just from having a partner push on the dimples.

According to studies, back dimples are caused by ligaments that attach bone to skin on the lower back just above the buttocks. They have nothing to do with blood circulation in the area.

These back dimples are just a common cosmetic feature on women, but are not related to any medical conditions.


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