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Type 2 Diabetes Diet: The Best And Worst Foods And Drinks To Consume

Selecting the right foods to consume when you have type 2 diabetes greatly helps in lowering your blood sugar levels and keeping it stable.Having a specific diet when you have type 2 diabetes doesn't mean that you have to give up on all the foods and drinks that you love.You could still enjoy a wide range of foods even when managing these disease.

Creating a type 2 diabetes diet requires a balance of a variety of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins.The main secret is to select and choose foods that are naturally rich in nutrients to assist in keeping your blood sugar levels at a normal level.

It is essential to try as much as possible to avoid foods that trigger a spike in blood sugar when you have type 2 diabetes.The major symptoms that may occur due to a spike in the blood sugar levels are: Dizziness,frequent urination,headaches,mood changes caused by low sugar known as hypoglycemia, fatigue.

In order to create a healthy diet when it comes to type 2 diabetes,it is important to understand how different foods and drinks affect your blood sugar.For example,carbohydrates have the most impact on the blood sugar levels as they are likely to rapidly increase it.Proteins,vegetables and fats on the other hand have the lowest impact on blood sugar. People with type 2 diabetes should also monitor their food portions.

The best foods for people with type 2 diabetes are:-

> Fish that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

>Skinless Chicken

>Beans and legumes


>Whole wheat pasta



> Cucumbers

> Onions

> Cauliflower

> Cabbage

> Broccoli

> Bell peppers (Hoho)

> Leafy greens such as spinach,kale,managu,kunde,terere,saaga.

> Apples

> Oranges

> Kiwi Fruits

> Horned Melons(did an article on how his fruit cures diabetes)

> Grapes,Pears

> Peaches

> Berries such as strawberries,blueberries,blackberries.

> Natural/plain yogurt

> Unsweetened soy Milk

> Unsweetened almond Milk

> Brown rice

The worst food for people with type 2 diabetes are:-

> Roasted beef(nyama choma)

> Hot dogs

> Sausages

> Bacon

> Sweetened Peanuts

> White bread

> White rice

> White pasta

> Flavoured yoghurt

> Flavoured milk

> Fast food such as burgers

> Packaged snacks such as biscuits, crisps, queen cakes, cookies,

> Margarine

> Full fat dairy products

> Dried fruits

> Packaged juices such as delmonte,pick n peel

The foods to enjoy in moderation for people with type 2 diabetes are:-

> Corn

> White potatoes

> Yams

> Peas

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